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December 20 Patch Notes_v1

Greeting. Mercenaries!

Today, we are here with this year's last update announcement for our fellow mercenaries who enjoy playing CROWZ!

Thank you to all the mercenaries who have been with CROWZ in the last month of 2022.
Let's check out the details of the update that will be held on December 20th down below!

■ Update Schedule


- December 20 (Tue)

※ Please note that the update schedule is subject to change depending on internal issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ Game access will be restricted during the maintenance.
※ The update-related details may be partially fixed or changed while in the progress of applying the patch.

■ December 20 Patch Notes


▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where some Tactical Skills could not be installed.
- Fixed an issue where Tactical Shield or Squad Respawn Device did not install over prone positioned ally players.
- Fixed an issue where Tactical Shield did not install in certain maps.

2. Fixed an issue where looting did not cancel while looting Q-On.
- Fixed an issue where looting did not cancel when the player attempt to loot after acquiring dropped Q-On from the looter.

3. Fixed an issue where the amount of Q-On reserves was displayed when interacting with the morphine box in a lootable base.


▶ Firearm Balance Improvements

- AKE 32 (Assault Rifle)
> The difficulty of recoil control has been adjusted by increasing the recoil of the AKE-32 firearm and changing the recoil pattern.

▶ New Contents

1. Season 3 Battle Pass free offer Event
- Season 3 Battle Pass is completely free for every mercenary. Without a separate purchase, all mercenaries can acquire Battle Pass items by reaching the level of the Battle Pass.
- Premium Battle Pass is not available for purchase in Season 3.
- Battle Pass level unlock is available for purchase.

2. Added legendary grade item box
- Now, V-BETA [HummingBird] item is available for purchase in the shop.

3. Added weapon skin random boxes
- Added AKE-32 skin box to Assault Rifle type weapon skin random box.
- Added L115A3 skin box to Sniper Rifle type weapon skin random box.

We would like to express our gratitude to the mercenaries who have graced the battlefield.
We will do our best to assist our mercenaries in the upcoming new year.

Thank you.