Updates & Patches


November 22 Patch Notes_v1

Greetings, mercenaries!

We are here with the November update announcement!

Through this update, we would like to make the gameplay environment more stable and smooth.
Therefore, this update will mainly be focusing on fixing occurred issues to ensure a stable battle experience for our fellow mercenaries.

Let’s check out what changes have been made to CROWZ in November! Find out more details down below.


■ Update Schedule

- November 22 (Tue)

※ Please note that the update schedule is subject to change depending on internal issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ Game access will be restricted during the maintenance.
※ The update-related details may be partially fixed or changed while in the progress of applying the patch.


■ November 22 Patch Notes


▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where headshot number displayed on the Record page was not counted normally.
> Fixed an issue where headshots would be counted twice when killing an enemy immediately with a headshot without experiencing a critical condition state.

2. Fixed an issue where tactical skills did not work in certain situations.
> Fixed an issue where after using the Tactical Skill and then using a health recovery item (default key V), the Tactical Skill (default key X) window did not work in the Blood Zone mode.

3. Fixed an issue where the enemy UAV detection message was continuously displayed.
> Fixed an issue where the enemy UAV detection message displayed at the bottom of the mini-map was continuously displayed even after the character’s death and respawn.

4. Fixed an issue where damage made by incendiary grenades was not applied to ASV vehicles.

5. Fixed an issue where the Guided Rocket Launcher missiles penetrated enemy characters but did not cause damage.
- The Guided Rocket Launcher's missiles are adjusted to explode when colliding with enemy characters.

6. Fixed an issue with the Toxic Gas Grenades not working normally.
> Fixed an issue where the Toxic Gas Grenades exploded in mid-air when the Toxic Gas Grenade was thrown within the range of another exploded Toxic Gas Grenade.
> Fixed an issue where vehicles were unable to move within the range of the exploded Toxic Gas Grenade.

7. Fixed an issue where a tank’s gun barrel could penetrate a building object and inflict damage inside the building.

8. Fixed an issue where players were able to respawn inside a building that could not be entered through the Squad Respawn Device.

9. Fixed an issue where characters did not die outside the area of operation.
> Fixed an issue where characters did not die after the end of the warning count when respawning with the Squad Respawn Device or when healed by an ally outside the area of operation.

10. Fixed an issue where after changing the language setting, zero distance information of the gun scope was not displayed in the changed language.

11. Fixed an issue where the ping rate was displayed abnormally high on the lobby screen.

▶ Region Reduction

- To provide a smooth matching environment, the ‘Sydney’ server will be deactivated due to the low number of matching users.
* We ask those mercenaries who have used the Sydney server to proceed with the game after selecting another server after the update.

We would like to express our gratitude to the mercenaries who have been with CROWZ throughout this year, and we will continue to work on improving the game based on your valuable feedback to become a better CROWZ.

Thank you.