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October 25 Patch Notes_v2

Hello, mercenaries.

CROWZ’s October update NEWS has arrived! 

This update will mainly be focusing on technical improvements and bug fixes in order to provide a more stable and convenient gameplay environment to our mercenaries.
Let’s check out the details about what has been changed and improved down below!


■ Update Schedule

- October 25 (Tue)

※ Please note that the update schedule is subject to change depending on internal issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ During the maintenance period, the game cannot be played.
※ The update-related details may be partially fixed or changed while in the progress of applying the patch.

■ October 25 Patch Notes


▶ New Contents

- Added new medal contents

[List of New Medal Contents]

▶ System Improvements

1. Improved shooting stance near walls or obstacles.
- Improvements have been made to show the gun lifting motion when holding a gun near walls or obstacles.

2. Added item sorting function to Owned List in Shop.
- Added the sorting function to Owned List so that obtained or purchased items can be sorted out in Shop.
3. Changed the displayed order of outfits in Shop.

<Before change>


┃Hat┃Top┃Pants┃Vest┃Glove┃Feet┃Backpack┃Armband┃Glasses┃Face Equipment┃

<After change>


┃Top┃Pants┃Hat┃Vest┃Backpack┃Glove┃Feet┃Glasses┃Face Equipment┃Armband┃

4. Made adjustments to improve the issue where the vehicle was being respawned in the opposite direction of the enemy camp when respawning with a vehicle in Blood Zone.
5. Fixed the character’s arm animation while using a stationary gun attached to the ‘Sea Horse’ naval vehicle.
6. Improved the tank angle so that crosshair is not obscured by the tank’s body when the tank’s barrel is raised.

▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where vehicle ‘Buggy’ was flipped when hit by a grenade.
2. Fixed issues on the Selain Valley map.
- Fixed an issue where a warning message was not displayed when leaving the operation area.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to enter an inaccessible building.
3. Fixed an issue related to the character’s outfit in Lobby.
- Fixed an issue where the character’s outfit was displayed as a basic outfit in certain situations.
4. Fixed an issue on the Whale Town map.
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to penetrate barbed-wire fences.
- Fixed an issue where some objects were floating in the air after being destroyed.
5. Made changes and fixed issues on the Gray Stone map.
- Fixed an issue where the map was displayed as pierced in certain locations.
- Changed the location of some objects so that they do not block the vehicle movement.
6. Fixed an issue with the claymore not exploding on enemies in the crawling position.
7. Fixed an issue where the party invitation pop-up window was not displayed when visiting other users.
8. Fixed an issue where the count of consecutive kills did not increase in Medal.
9. Fixed an issue where a highlight effect was displayed on the character's appearance when approaching a dropped item or a glowing box.
10. Added a function to display a notification pop-up and an error pop-up when it is impossible to enter the game due to a network port forwarding setting problem when matching.
- For details on the network port forwarding setting problem, you can check the FAQ [Matching does not work.]

11. Fixed other issues.
- Fixed some typos in the description of the Incendiary Grenade.
- Fixed some typos in English for the melee weapon kill mission in the weekly missions.
- Fixed some mistranslations of the German arrow key descriptions.
- Fixed an issue where the icon of the AK47 firearm wood camo skin was displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where the flag or team name of the enemy team was sometimes displayed on the scoreboard after the game.
- Fixed an issue where team chatting was possible after disabling the squad chat in Squad Operation mode.
- Fixed an issue where, among Battle Pass rewards, the period of use of the buff item was not displayed.
- Fixed an issue where the medal icon displayed when receiving the reward upon achieving was displayed as the icon of the previously achieved medal.

We ask for your interest and support for CROWZ in the future too, and we promise to continue working hard to provide a better gaming environment.

Thank you.