Updates & Patches


September 27 Patch Notes_v2

Hello, mercenaries. We hope you are having fun with CROWZ.
We are here to inform you about various improvements that will be made as the new season begins.
Check out the details of the update that will be held on September 27 below!


■ Update Schedule

- September 27 (Tue)

※ Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on potential issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ During the maintenance period, the game cannot be played.
※ The update schedule is subject to change due to internal circumstances, and the time will be announced the day before.

■ September 27 Patch Notes


▶ End of Season Rewards

As the current season ends and a new season begins, the end of season rewards will be given to the mercenaries who have been with CROWZ this season.

- Target: All mercenaries who have played CROWZ during the season.
- Period during which rewards can be received: After the September 27th maintenance ~ November 1, 00:00 (GMT+0)
- Rewards:

- How to receive rewards: The rewards are automatically given when accessing CROWZ and can be received by going to Main Lobby > ‘Mailbox’ located at the upper right > System Mail.

※ Note

- End-of-season rewards can only be claimed once per account.
- Please receive the end-of-season rewards within 30 days upon being sent to your Mailbox.
- We ask for your understanding that it is difficult to provide assistance with the compensation for the expired items.


▶ Optimization Improvements

1. Frame Rate Optimization

- Optimized frame rates by improving the smoke effect output method.
- Optimized frame rates by improving the UI of the mini-map/whole map.

2. Fixed an issue of returning to the previous position when moving in a high ping environment (up to 800ms)


▶ New Contents and Related Improvements

1. Added user visit system

- Other users' lobbies can be visited to check their outfits, firearm settings, and more.

2. Added new currency, Q-on Point

- Exclusive items can be purchased with a new currency in Shop.
- If duplicate items are obtained from the random box, they will be automatically returned as Q-on Points.

3. Added weapon skin random boxes


- Added random box items for each weapon where you can obtain weapon skins.

4. Added new weapons

A. Added new firearms

① MG 249 (Light Machine Gun)
- A firearm that has low damage compared to other light machine guns, but has a relatively high shooting speed.
- A firearm with a higher difficulty of recoil control when shooting.
- Available from Season Level 1.

② RSW2010 (Sniper Rifle)
- A firearm that has low damage compared to other sniper rifles, but has a relatively fast bolt action speed.
- A firearm with a smaller bullet drop compared to other sniper rifles.
- Available from Season Level 1.

B. Added new melee weapons

- Butterfly Knife
> A knife with a different shape than other knives.
> Throwing function available.

5. Improved Looting System

A. Removal of neutral bases

- Neutral bases remain as before once the game begins, but after one team occupies the base, it is determined as the base of that team, and it is occupied immediately without having a neutral base status.
※ Neutral status will be removed from all Blood Zone maps other than Selain Valley.

B. Improvements related to looting points

- Changes have been made so that if the occupying team is changed while there are available for looting points in the occupied bases, the looting points of the team that lost the occupied bases are automatically deducted, and the occupying team acquires the points.

- The looting transfer area is changed from the main base to all occupied bases of the looted team.

C. Changes related to earned points

- The amount of Q-ons that can be looted is changed from a stage-by-stage method with the amount increasing at a specific time to a method with the amount of Q-ons increasing continuously.
- Q-ons are generated sometime after the capture, and when the maximum time is reached, additional Q-ons are no longer saved, and the original amount is stored.
- For a minimum amount of time, Q-ons stack up but cannot be looted.
- The maximum amount of Q-ons that can be generated is changed from 30% to 50%.

D. When looting is succeeded in a resource overload state, the points earned are doubled.
- When the support effect (2x increase in Capture Points) is applied, the amount of Q-ons generated is also doubled.
- When looting is succeeded while the support effect (2x increase in Capture Points) is applied, the points earned are increased from 50% to 100%.

E. Added loot-related kill logs.
- A notification function has been added to the kill log page when a loot attempt or success occurs.

F. Improved UI to match the changes made to the looting system.
- Made adjustments to the UI so that the change in score (deduction/addition) due to looting is displayed.

6. Added Season 2 Exclusive Battle Pass.

- The maximum level of Battle Pass has been adjusted from Lv. 100 to Lv. 70.
- The experience points required to level up for the Battle Pass have been lowered.

7. Halloween special attendance check event

- Halloween-exclusive items are added.
* Detailed information will be provided through further notice.

8. Improved Fin bay map background.

- Added and changed the placement of some objects.

9. Improved displayed mini-map area size.

- Maps: Selain Valley, Gray Stone, Whale Town
> Range: 200m / 100m / 50m

▶ Balance Improvements

1. Firearms

A. L115A3 (Sniper Rifle)
- Increased bolt action reload time.
> Reload speed: 1.77 sec → 2 sec

- Adjusted so that the bullet drop is larger than before.
> Bullet drop: 1m → 1.7m (Based on 200m)

- Increased the damage to the head and upper body part at a distance of 20m by 27%.

B. AUG (Assault Rifle)
- Adjusted short-range combat damage by improving the minimum and maximum damage ranges.
> Increased min/max damage by 3% (combat distance within 90m)

- Made adjustments so that the headshot damage is reduced from mid-range by improving the damage by distance.
> Changed the distance of headshot damage reduction applied: 110m → 90m

C. Light Machine Gun-type firearms
- Improved the basic ammo quantity for light machine gun-type firearms.
> Before change: 50 / 200 rounds (standard magazine)
> After change: 75 / 300 rounds (standard magazine)

- Lowered the difficulty of operation.

2. Other balance improvements

A. Guided Rocket Launcher
- Changed the trigger conditions for Guided Rocket Launcher.
> Adjusted so that the launcher does not get fired when it is not in the Lock-On state.
> Changed so that it is only fired when in the Lock-On state.
> Adjusted to reduce the time required to lock-on enemy’s vehicle by 25%.

B. Sight Lens
- Improved the lens flash effect produced when aiming down sights to be more prominent from a far distance.

C. Firearms unlock level and firearm attachments
- Adjusted the unlock level for AK-47 firearm.
> Before change: Lev. 9
> After change: Lev. 1

- Adjusted the unlock level for M4A1 firearm.
> Before change: Lev. 13
> After change: Lev. 1

- Changed to acquire a dot sight at firearm level 1 for all firearms except pistols.

D. Claymore
- Improved claymore explosion registration by adjusting the claymore explosion reaction speed to react faster.

E. UAV Tactical Skill
- Adjusted the cost of using UAV tactical skill for each map.
> Selain Valley: 900 → 1200
> Whale Town: 1200 → 1600
> Fin bay: 1200 → 1600

F. Adjusted the experience required for some intervals of the season level.
- Lowered the experience required to level up by 18% from Lv. 38 to Lv. 50.

▶ System Improvements

1. Improved Spectator Mode.

A. Improved chatting in the spectator mode.
- Made it possible to use chatting in the spectator mode, and modified the displayed UI location accordingly.

B. Made adjustments to be able to change the displayed character markers to 3 types.
> Can be changed in the game by pressing the Shift + 1, 2, 3 keys.

C. Made adjustments so that the effects occurring to the player are not visible to the spectator.
- Made adjustments so that spectators cannot see the game effects that spectating players see when spectating in the free view state.
> Camera shake due to explosion
> Bloodstain UI when health decreases

D. Added a function to gradually stop with inertia on the screen while walking / slow walking (Ctrl + movement) / sprinting (Shift + movement).

2. Improved Custom Mode.

- Added a notification message before the countdown after starting the game.
- Adjusted the minimum number of players to 8, and the start notification message is changed accordingly.

3. Improved the parkour system.

- Improved the animation of climbing and jumping to be faster for low obstacles.
- Made adjustments so that parkour animation is canceled, and free fall begins when hit during the low obstacle parkour animation.

4. Improved the displayed tactical equipment information.

A. Improved the displayed location and number of Morphine Boxes placed by enemies

B. Removed displayed distance for Squad Respawn Device.

C. Added an enemy/ally identification mark on the tactical shield.

D. Added an automatic destruction count indication on the tactical shield.

E. Improved the maximum distance of the displayed icons.
> Tactical Shield / Squad Respawn Device Display Distance: 50m
> Morphine Box Display Distance: 100m

5. Improved parachute system.

- Improved the convenience of operating the parachute.
- Improved the parachute landing motion to be performed smoothly.

6. Improved UAV Support tactical skill.

A. Improved the location of the Squad Respawn Devices installed by enemies to be displayed via UAV.

B. Improvements have been made so that when an enemy shown via UAV dies, the player who paid for UAV Support is given points.
> Search points per kill:
Exp: 20, Blood Zone exclusive currency: 30

C. Increased the enemy identification process by providing different markers of enemies detected through UAV according to the distance.
> Short-range: Lines on the character’s silhouette
> Mid/long-range: Character marker

7. Improved vehicles.

- Improvements have been made so that characters staying on top of the vehicles without boarding will be dropped automatically.

8. Added character redeploy system.

- Added a redeploy function that allows character relocation if falling into a certain area during gameplay or not being able to move due to the character getting stuck.
> ESC → Redeploy
※ However, when using the redeploy function, death is increased by one.

9. Improved the description of the graphic option.

- Added before/after images for graphic options in settings.

10. Improved the visibility of the character’s marker when aiming down sights.

- Fixed an issue where it was difficult to see the character’s marker clearly when aiming down sights due to the high transparency of the marker.


▶ Sound Improvements

1. Replaced the sound of the silencer for all firearms.
- Improved to have a different distance value for each type, just like a normal firearm.

2. Improved the sound produced when killing an enemy by destroying a vehicle.
- Improved to produce the kill sound in addition to the vehicle destruction sound.

3. Improved the sound effect by improving the smoke output method.
- Improved the degree of sound interference to be increased when a character is inside a smoke screen.

4. Improved the reload sound for all firearms.
- Slightly reduced the reload volume.


▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the headshot was not registered properly when shooting a character in a vehicle.

2. Fixed an issue where the zeroing adjustment function of 4x scopes or higher was being reset.

3. Fixed an issue where it was possible to attack with guns or melee weapons from behind walls or rocks.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to attack an enemy at the aiming point with the muzzle obscured by an obstacle in the third person view.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to throw a throwing weapon at enemy while the character was obscured by obstacles in the third person view.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to attack enemies even when the muzzle is blocked by an obstacle.

4. Fixed an issue with the character being able to penetrate rock objects depending on the type and location of the rock.

5. Fixed an issue where the damage was not applied normally when characters were closely facing each other with the UI of the muzzle being displayed inside the enemy’s body.

6. Fixed an issue where the damage was not applied sometimes to a character, which collided with a vehicle.

7. Fixed the issue where the magazine position of AUG firearms was displayed abnormally.
- Fixed an issue where the AUG magazine was displayed abnormally in the first person view after changing the viewing angle.

8. Fixed an issue where the characters’ markers were displayed overlaying on the mini-map.

9. Fixed an issue where the Road Rover Sage was displayed abnormally from a long distance.

10. Fixed an issue where it is impossible to continue playing when pressing ‘X’ (Tactical skill) key while using a bandage item.

We ask our fellow mercenaries to look forward to the improved CROWZ with the new season, and we will do our best to assist you on the battlefield.

Thank you.