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August 25 Patch Notes_v2

Greetings, mercenaries!
Today, we are here to deliver the news on the hot update we will be having this month.

This update, which will be held on August 25th, includes a new map and various contents, so make sure to check it out in the game after the update. Please check the update details below.

■ Update Schedule


- August 25 (Thu)

※ Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on potential issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ During the maintenance period, the game cannot be played.
※ Some details may change during the maintenance.


■ August 25 Patch Notes


▶ Optimization Improvements

1. Optimized character animation
- Improved in-game frames through animation optimization.

2. Optimized in-game UI
- Improved frames through the improvement of the in-game UI structure and resources.

3. Optimized CPU
- Improved frames through the optimization of the in-game CPU.

4. Improved visibility of character identification
-Improved visibility of enemy characters in dark shadowy areas in the background.

5. Improved volume representation of the ground

<Before change>

<After change>

6. Improved headshot registration check routine
- Improved the validation standard when a headshot is hit against an enemy and fixed the issue where the headshot was not registered.


▶ New Contents

1. Added new map “Fin bay”

A. Play Mode
- Blood Zone

B. Point of View
- First-person only

C. Number of Players
- 8 vs 8

D. Capture Points
- Strategic Objective
> A / B / C / D

E. Game Key Features

- Narrow terrain and various structures for quick combat

- Pure infantry combat with no vehicles

- Meteorite falls
> During the battle, meteorites fall on the map, contaminating surrounding areas and the inside of the buildings with Q-On gas.

- Changed obtained points
> 35 points for killing
> 70 points for injuring

- Added a waiting function until a certain number of people enters before the game starts

F. Tactical Strategy
- As there is no ammunition support function in the capture points, ammunition management as well as collecting dropped weapons are important for a strategic battle.
- Since all capture points are strategic objectives, it is advantageous to divide a team into two squads and capture each capture point.

2. Added Selain Valley Loot rules

A. Description of Loot system
This is a content where you have to loot Q-Ons from the opposing team's captured base, and bring them to your team's base to obtain Q-Ons.

B. Detailed Rules
- Q-Ons are generated at regular intervals in the mining machines deployed in the enemy-occupied bases.

> Stage 1 (5min) → Stage 2 (7min) → Stage 3 (10min)
> The higher the stage, the more Q-Ons are lootable.

- Upon approaching the enemy’s Q-On mining machine and pressing the F-key, enemy Q-Ons can be looted.
> Looting takes a certain amount of time.
> Once the looting is completed, a Q-On bag is automatically attached to the looter’s waist.
> In case of successful looting, the enemy's Q-On points will be deducted equally according to the looted points.

- After looted Q-Ons are transported to the ally's base mining machine, Q-On points equal to the looted amount will be obtained.
> In case of dying while transporting it, Q-Ons will be dropped in the area where the looter died.
> If an ally obtains dropped Q-Ons, the Q-On bag is attached to the new looter’s waist and can be transported again. However, if it is obtained by the enemy, Q-On points will be immediately reclaimed.
> Acquired Q-Ons cannot be transferred to another person.

3. Made adjustments to the Whale Town map

- Changed the location of the mining machine in the point D.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to parkour over the walls inside the roof of the city hall building in the point D.
- Improved the size of the mini-map to be more detailed.

4. Improved in-game screen

A. Improved UI
- Made adjustments so that the list displayed on the in-game scoreboard changes according to the number of players.

B. Improved spectator screen
- Made adjustments so that a fade-in/out effect is applied when switching to the next player while spectating.
- Added a delay when switching to spectator mode so that the movement transitions are applied smoothly when clicking a button.

C. Added loading screen tips
- Equipping a backpack allows you to use an emergency parafoil.
- Use gas masks to survive in meteor impact sites.
- Use points earned in matches to activate skills.
- Equipping a vest increases your ammo capacity.
- This is an FPP map. (Whale Town loading tip)


▶ Balance Improvements

1. Adjusted the damage reduction rate for SMG-type firearms
- Lowered the effectiveness at medium-range (20-60M) for all SMG-type firearms.
> Increased the ammunition rounds (BTK) and kill time (TTK) needed to kill an enemy.

2. Improved gun reload control structure
- Made adjustments to the matter where the reload was canceled when using SG-type firearms and bolt action firearms are firing while having 0 rounds left.

3. Added a new toxic gas grenade
- After throwing, it explodes immediately upon contact with the ground or walls.
- Toxic gas grenades are thrown immediately once the throw key (G by default) is pressed without cooking.
- When exposed to toxic gas, the damage is applied for a certain period of time, and character animation related to the toxic gas is produced.
- Damage and effect of toxic gas can be blocked by wearing a gas mask before entering the toxic gas area.
※ Damage cannot be blocked if the gas mask is without filters.

4. Improved the effect that blocks the screen when an object is hit with a bullet from a short range.
- Adjusted the amount of smoke produced by the distance that blocked the sight when a nearby object is hit during a short-range battle, so that the smoke does not block the sight at close range.

5. Improved the size of the Shield (Tactical Skill)
- Increased the size by about 10% compared to the previous size.

6. Improved the balance of recovery items

A. Bandage
- Recovery amount: Adjusted by increasing 25% -> 27%
- Usage time: Decreased 3 seconds -> 2.5 seconds

B. Morphine
- Recovery amount: Adjusted by increasing 80% -> 90%
- Usage time: Decreased 6 seconds -> 5 seconds


▶ System Improvements

1. Improved the preview function of items in Shop

A. Improved the matter where previewing was unavailable for items other than Attire items.
B. Made adjustments so that all items in the shopping cart can be previewed.

2. Added the Season Mission feature
- Added missions and rewards that can only be achieved during the season.

<Season Mission Table>

※ There is an issue where the rewards are not immediately sent to the mercenaries who have completed the [Season Level] related missions before the current update.
We will do our best to fix this issue as soon as possible so that there will be no inconvenience caused.
Please note that you can receive the [Season Level] rewards through the following methods before this gets fixed.

- Mercenaries who have achieved Season Levels 30 and 40 before the update can receive the mission rewards by leveling the season level up by one level.
e.g.) If your Season Level is 30 -> You can receive the rewards when you reach Season Level 31.
- For the mercenaries who have reached Season Level 50 (maximum level), level 30/40/50 rewards will be sent to the Mailbox separately.

3. Added information at the respawn screen about the weapon attachments that have been unlocked during game-play (Blood Zone mode).
- Added a display function so that the information about the weapon attachments, which have been unlocked during play can be checked on the respawn screen after dying.

4. Opened Custom Mode
- An authority to open custom mode games is given to all users.

⭐️ The minimum number of players to start the custom mode game must be 8 or more. (Excluding spectators)

※ Experience points obtained in custom mode games are not reflected in the player’s account.

- Custom mode game can be created by referring to [How to create a Custom Mode game] as follows.

[How to create a Custom Mode game]
1) Select Custom Mode on the mode selection screen.
2) Click the “Create” button at the bottom left.
3) Specify desired settings in session settings.

[Available Settings]
- Session Name
- Password
- Mode
- Map
- Max Players
- Playtime
- Victory Score
- In-game Chat
4) Click the “Create” button to create a Custom Mode game.
※ You can invite players who have been added to the friends list by using the invite function in the custom mode game you have created.

5. Added a nickname hiding function
- Provided a feature to hide all players’ nicknames except for squad members.
- For players who are using the hiding nickname feature, other players’ nicknames will be displayed with a random number such as ‘Unknown000’ in the chat window and in the kill log.
- The Nickname hiding function is applied after being turned on in the in-game settings > Gameplay > Hide Nickname.
※ This feature is added to help the streaming. If the Nickname hiding feature is activated, other players’ nicknames are displayed as ‘Unknown000’ only on the player’s screen.

6. Added localization
- Added Japanese.
- ESC > Settings > Gameplay > Language > Japanese


▶ Sound Improvements

1. Reduced the sound effect heard through walls when the character is standing behind a wall.
- Made adjustments so that the sound is reduced when standing behind a wall.
2. Fixed an issue with the overlapping sound of the P443 when reloading.
3. Improved an issue where the environmental sounds were not produced in some areas.
4. Fixed an issue where the crashing sound was produced as a concrete material sound while driving a tank.
5. Fixed the intermittent interruption of the dialogue in the Blood Zone mode.
6. Improved the sound balance of M4A1 and LM129.
- Improved the echoing sound after firing.
- Fixed an issue where the sound of multiple automatic shots would sound like it was cut off.
7. Fixed an issue where the sound of the Sniper rifles and pistols could not be heard well due to the sound being overlapped with the enemy hitting sound at close range.
8. Made adjustments so that the character voice that comes out when reloading the gun is produced randomly for each situation.
9. Adjusted sound balance.
- Slightly reduced the sound of gunshots from PKM guns when used by the enemy.
- Made adjustments so that the guns equipped with silencers can be heard from up to 25% greater distance than before.
- Reduced the sound of a smoke grenade when being detonated to a similar level to that of an incendiary grenade.
- Slightly increased the volume of bullets flying in the direction of the character.
- Improved the echo sound of H-44 gunshots to be heard better than before.

▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the noise suppressing option of the Silencer Muzzle in the Equipment > Customize Weapon tab was displayed abnormally in other attachments.
2. Fixed an issue where the Guided Rocket Launcher would lock on to a tank that used smoke grenades.
- Lock-on is not possible when tanks use smoke grenades for evasive maneuvers.
3. Fixed an issue where the point of view would change to the third person when respawning after dying while using the parachute in Whale town.
4. Fixed an issue of respawning in the blocked areas of the shopping building located in the point F of Whale town.
5. Fixed an issue where the fired bullets did not penetrate certain building railings or steel fences.
- Fixed objects such as the railings located on the 2nd floor of the city hall building in the point D and steel fences all around the map.
6. Fixed an issue where the sprint key did not work when pressing the R key after throwing a melee weapon.
7. Fixed an issue where the season level was displayed on the Stats board when it should not be displayed.
8. Fixed an issue where reloading was not canceled when using an emotion while reloading a gun.
9. Fixed an issue where the helicopters submerged underwater could be boarded.
- Changed so that if the helicopter is submerged underwater, it cannot be boarded.
10. Fixed an issue where the rotation (up, down, left, and right) was reversed in the melee weapon loadout window.
11. Fixed an issue with the screen freezing with frame dropping, which occurred to players within a certain radius after replacing one's gun with a dead ally's gun

▶️ Known issues (Will be fixed later on)

1. An issue with the occupation range of the Whale Town point B being displayed abnormally broad.
2. An issue where the list of boost items is not displayed on the preview page of DLC products in the game.
(Upon purchasing, all items can be received normally)
3. An issue with the texture of the arm not being displayed normally when wearing Long-sleeve field ops shirt (Grey).

We ask for your kind interest in the August update of CROWZ, and we will do our best to make CROWZ even more enjoyable for our fellow mercenaries.

Thank you.