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July 19 Patch Notes_v4


Hello, mercenaries! We hope you are having fun with CROWZ!
It’s already been 3 weeks since we released our game on Steam.

We would like to express our gratitude and share the news on the addition of a new map and a vehicle through the July update, as well as new server regions that many mercenaries have requested.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming patch notes of the July 19th update below.


■ Update Schedule


- July 19 (Tue)

※ Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on potential issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ During the maintenance period, the game cannot be played.
※ Some details may change during the maintenance.


■ July 19 Patch Notes


▶ Optimization Improvements

1. Screen Output Method Optimization
- Improved the delay in loading of buildings and terrain in the surrounding background when spectating and respawning.
- Improved an issue of getting stuck in a wall when respawning by using the Squad Respawn Device or respawning next to a squad member.

2. Outfit and Firearm Graphics Optimization
- Improved freezes by performing optimization of the LOD of clothes/weapons used in the game.


▶ New Contents

1. Added new map “Whale Town” in Blood Zone mode (FPP only map)

A. Concept
- Infantry battles in the city
- Battle for Q-Ons in Whale Town, the central city of Blue Whale Island.

B. Play Mode
- Blood Zone

C. Number of players
- 20 vs 20

D. Capture Point

- Objective
> A - B - C - D - G - H - I
- Strategic Objective
> E - F

E. Vehicle Placement

- At start
> 1 Brawler
> 1 Canyon

- When Combat Support is activated
> 2 ASV (New armored vehicle)

F. Game Key Features

- FPP (first-person mode only)
- Meteorite Falls during the game
> During the battle, meteorites fall on the city center, contaminating surrounding areas and the inside of the buildings with Q-On gas.


- Tactical Strategy
> The team that quickly captures D / E / F has an advantage in winning.
> Armored vehicles added as combat support can inflict significant damage to enemies if used properly.

2. Added new vehicle.
- New vehicle name: ASV (Armored Vehicle)
- Number of passengers: 4
- Weapon Attachments
> 40mm grenade launcher (2nd seat)
> 12.7mm heavy machine gun (2nd seat)
> Smoke screen (2nd seat – X key)

- Special feature
> Weapon attachments can only be used in the second seat. (1st seat is for driving only)
> Has a higher durability when being hit by rifle bullets, etc., compared to other combat vehicles.

3. Added new object.
- A cargo carrier object has been added to the beach near the power plant in the Blue Whale map.





▶ Balance Improvements

■ Firearms

1. Improved damage by distance of SMG-type firearms.
- Made adjustments so that the damage reduction occurs significantly from mid-range combat.

2. Improved assault rifle AK-47 firearm.
- Adjusted the recoil control to be a little easier than before.

3. Improved assault rifle M4A1 firearm.
- Adjusted the recoil control to be a little easier than before.

4. Improved assault rifle FR-BURST firearm.
- Made it easier to handle in close combat by correcting the point shooting accuracy.

5. Improved assault rifle AUG firearm.
- Shorten the combat duration by adjusting the minimum and maximum damage.

6. Improved shotgun-type firearms in Squad Operation mode.
- Increased the deduction rate of level 2 and level 3 armor to reduce the chance of being down with one shot when being hit by a shotgun from a certain distance.


▶ System Improvements

1. Added new regions (servers)

※ With new regions being added, it may be difficult to begin the game due to the insufficient number of people when matching automatically in some regions.
The above issue will be fixed to improve the matching system through the temporary maintenance in the future.

If the matching does not proceed normally prior to the improvement of the matching system, we recommend you to refer to the ‘How to manually change a region’ image below and try accessing the regions with a large number of players matching.

* How to manually change a region:

- Click on the region change button

- Select the desired region

2. Added the inverted mouse function.
- Inverted mouse function can be used after turning it on in ‘Settings – Control – Invert Y Axis’.
- Inverted mouse function is applied to all mouse operations.

3. Added a color brightness adjustment guide screen.
- When launching the game for the first time after installing the client, the color brightness adjustment guide screen is added, and after that, the color brightness can be adjusted by clicking the "Gamma Setting" button at the bottom of the setting screen.

4. Improved UI due to the release of the first-person mode map.
- Added a display in the lobby to be able to check whether the map is in 1/3rd person perspective.

▶ Sound Improvements

A. Improved the sound of the training ground environment.
B. Improved the reload sound quality of all guns.
C. Improved the quality of tank and object collision sound.
D. Improved the sound of the boat.
- Improved the audible range while driving (Adjusted from approximately 120M → 180M)
- Improved the sound effect while driving (Added the water sound effect when stopping, improved sound effect balance while driving.)
E. Improved the sound of the tank.
- Improved the sound quality while driving (Improved the distance value and volume value of the road sound and engine sound)


▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where characters who were not members of the squad were displayed on the MVP animation screen.
2. Improved the wrist and forearm’s skin appearance in the first-person view.
3. Fixed an issue where debris was floating in the air upon destroying an object in some maps.
4. Improved the externally thick trees so that they are not destroyed in the event of a vehicle collision. (Destroyable in case of tank collision)
5. Fixed an issue where damage was applied only to the ground when using the Call for AirStrike tactical skill on top of a building.
6. Fixed an issue where the direction of the tank barrel or vehicle’s mounted weapon was displayed in the direction of the vehicle used previously instead of the direction set by the previous user.
7. Fixed an issue where the contents were displayed in Korean in some language settings.
8. Fixed an issue where the user’s rank was displayed abnormally when searching for the user through the ‘Social-Search’ tab.
9. Fixed an issue where the reload sound was not produced when the SMG gun’s drum magazine was equipped.

We would like to express our gratitude once again to our fellow mercenaries who enjoy CROWZ, and we will continue to do our best to be with you for a long time in the future.

Thank you.