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6/28 Patch Notes_v2

Hello, mercenaries! We hope you are having fun with CROWZ!
We are back to share exciting news about the upcoming CROWZ update on June 28 (Tue)!

We’d like to talk about our promise mentioned in the last post – Sharing the voice of users upon the 5/24 Update and future plans – which was about a new array of content including a brand-new map. Please check below for more details on how the update will be made:

■ Update Schedule
- June 28 (Tue)

※ Please note that the schedule is subject to change depending on potential issues. The maintenance schedule will be re-informed before the day.
※ You will not be able to play the game during the update.
※ Some details may change during the update.

■ Planned Changes

▶ Optimization
1. GPU
A. Character Appearance
- Improved the momentary freezes by performing optimization of the character’s outfit in the game
B. Character Weapons
- Improved the momentary freezes by performing optimization of the character’s weapons in the game
C. Hit Effects of Weapons on Vehicles and Characters
- Improved the momentary freezes by fixing hit effects of the weapons that are used most frequently in the game
D. Outfit and Weapon Graphics
- This optimization has been done on the most frequently used items first and the rest will be done in the next patch

2. Network Environment Optimization
A. Optimized the network issue which occurs when a bullet hits the target
B. Optimized the network and systemized obstacle-related movements such as vaulting over walls

3. Loading Screen after Starting the Game
- Improved the loading time which shortens the black loading screen to remain especially with HDD hardwares – relevant optimization has also taken in place to further shorten the loading time

▶ Graphics
1. Volumetric Cloud
-Settings → Display → Advanced Display → Volumetric Cloud (On / Off)

※ When used, the feature enables representation of clouds to be more realistic.
(Please note, however, that it requires a high-performance PC to fully enable the feature smoothly.)

- Before Volumetric Cloud -

- After Volumetric Cloud -

2. Vegetation in the new map “Gray Stone"
- Improved the setting for vegetation to be as realistic as possible

3. Environment Light Effects
- Improved the light and shade effects to be more definite and realistic.


4. Tree Falling Representation
- Added Clothing Simulation to make the tree falling representation more natural
- Improved representation of branches and leaves when a tree fall

▶ Balance
1. EXP Balance and Data Reset
A. Ranking Soft Reset & Rewards
- Soft reset will take in place and the player’s rank is demoted slightly from the previously achieved rank.
- Account EXP which corresponds to the previously achieved rank will be sent to the ingame mailbox.

B. Rank EXP
- The rank EXP value will be adjusted based on the collected data during Early Access.

C. Season Level EXP
- The season Level EXP value will be adjusted based on the collected data during Early Access.

D. Battle Pass EXP
- Changed EXP distribution method (EXP Accumulation → Equal Amount Distribution)

2. Vehicle Weapons

A. Tank Gun
- Applied gravity values to shells fired from tank guns
- Decreased muzzle velocity by 50%

B. Helicopter Rockets
- Increased the anti-personnel damage by 11%
- Decreased the AoE damage radius by 30%

3. Firearms
A. FR-BURST (Assault Rifle)
- Increased the Semi-Auto fire rate with shorter intervals between each shot
- Increased the overall damage by changing the minimum and maximum damage ranges

B. SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)
- Increased the overall damage by changing the minimum and maximum damage ranges
- Changed the early recoil pattern which makes recoil control easier

C. M59-GA (Shotgun)
- Improved accuracy which increases instant kill rate at a certain distance

D. V-BETA (Submachine Gun)
- Decreased the damage by distance which makes damage reduction significantly at a certain distance
- Decreased aim accuracy slightly

E. W-5000 / L115A3 (Sniper Rifle)
- Decreased the instant kill rate by changing the minimum and maximum damage ranges

F. Shotgun Damage Increase on Head
- Increased the damage on head which determines headshot more often

G. Effective Range of All Weapon Types
- Changed the damage drop section of each weapon type – the numbers can be seen from the Gun Graph

H. Armor Damage Reduction Fragmentation in Squad Operation
- Changed the amount of damage dealt to helmet and body armor by each weapon type

I. Bullet Speed of All Weapon Types
- Changed the bullet speed drop section by each weapon type

J. Suppressor Change
- Changed the recognition range of enemy markers displayed on the Map and Mini-Map to be less by 40% when a suppressor is used

K. Reticles of Red Dots and Hologram Sights
- Reflected feedback received after the 1st improvement patch and made reticles more visible

4. Melee Weapons
A. Throw
- Improved the throwing speed – a melee weapon now flies twice as faster than before
- Increased the damage by distance slightly

B. Attack Range
- Improved the hit system and changed the system from aim-centered to character-centered.
- Removed the center reticle when holding a melee weapon.

C. Loadout Melee Weapon Descriptions
- Added descriptions, stat graphs, and other details


▶ Sound

1. Firearm
A. Renewal List
- Assault Rifle: M4A1, AUG, AK-47, SCAR-L, Z36C
- Light Machine Gun: PKM, MG-LAT
- Sub Machine Gun: EZI, V-BETA, PDW-7X, PP-2K
- Sniper Rifle: L115A3
- Designated Marksman Rifle: M417
- Shotgun: M59-GA
- Pistol: H-17, M320

B. Gunshot Audible Range
- Assault Rifle & Light Machine Gun: 240 – 260m -> 195 – 215m
- Sub Machine Gun: 240 – 260m -> 145 – 160m
- Sniper Rifle & Designated Marksman Rifle: 240 - 260m -> 295 – 310m

C. Vehicle
- Changed the tank audible range from approx. 160m to approx. 180m
- Added a landing sound effect for all vehicles

D. Fixed the issue that the sound from explosion and tinnitus effect affects BGM

E. Renewed map environment sound in Blood Zone

▶ New Content

1. New Map – Gray Stone
A. Meteorites fall in the battlefield randomly, contaminating surrounding areas after a certain period of time.
- Wear a gas mask (press 6 to use) to safely venture across the contaminated areas
- The meteorite-expected areas are marked on the Map – you will take damage if you are near the impact zones.

B. Vehicle Placement
- At start: 4 tanks / 1 combat vehicle / 1 helicopter
- When Combat Support is activated: 4 tanks / 2 helicopters

C. Capture Point
- Objective: A / B / C / F / G / H
- Strategic Objective: D/E

2. New Firearms
A. M417 (Designated Marksman Rifle)
- A weapon with less ammunition and higher recoil but more damage compared to LM129.
- Available upon reaching Level 25.


▶ Modes

1. Squad Operation
A. Player Numbers and Wait Time for Starting the Game
- Changed the number of players to auto-start the game from 12 to 36
- Changed the auto-start wait time from 10 minutes to 60 minutes

B. New Weapon Implementation
- A new weapon, M417, can be obtained from the Large Box.

C. Notice on the Q-on Gauge
- A message is always displayed on top of the screen from the moment an enemy squad collects 100,000 Q-on and more.

D. Escape Helicopter Message
- Added a message which urges players when they are on a helicopter ladder for too long

- Decreased the Kill EXP from 500 to 300
- Decreased the Q-on Extractor Install EXP from 500 to 200
- Increased the Q-on Extract EXP from 100 to 300

2. Blood Zone
A. Faction Mark Design
- Improved the faction mark designs for easier recognition

B. Tactical Skill “Guided Rocket Launcher” in the Weapon Slot
- Changed the Guided Rocket Launcher to replace not the main but the secondary weapon

C. Squad Member Respawn by Condition
- Dying: a message which informs unavailability of squad member respawn is displayed when the member is down
- In Combat: a message which informs unavailability of squad member respawn for 5 seconds is displayed when the member is in combat
- Parachuting: a message which informs unavailability of squad member respawn is displayed when the member is parachuting
- Others: a player can respawn around squad members given that enough space is secured

D. Invincibility
- Changed the invincibility to deactivate automatically when a player hits the enemy

▶ Shop
1. UI & UX Renewals
- Renewed the purchase page entirely – you can now purchase the items on a single page
- Added Preview

2. New Items
- Premium Battle Pass
- Face Equipments
- Clothing Packages – (Police and Sabotage)
- Vehicle Skins
- Tattoos
- Clothing Patches

▶ Feature Improvements and Bug Fixes
1. Mailing System
- Categorized the mail type – System in Operator and Event in Event Reward
- Improved UI and UX – the history of received mails can be deleted

2. Driving Vehicles
- Adjusted the vehicle speed reduction rate by ground type

3. Fixed Battle Pass level 65 and level 100 issue

A. Upon reaching level 65, it has been confirmed that a basic gun sticker that cannot be duplicated was rewarded. After the maintenance, it has been replaced with another item.

※ The changed reward has been sent to mercenaries who had already received the level 65 Battle Pass reward before the maintenance.

<Previous item>

<Replaced item>

▷ Target (June 28): Mercenaries who have bought the Battle Pass, and unlocked Battle Pass level 65 or higher before June 28th maintenance.
▷ Replaced item can be checked through the in-game Main screen > Top right > Mailbox > System Mail.

B. Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass level 100 reward could not be normally received by the mercenaries upon reaching level 100.

※ The reward has been sent to the mercenaries who did not receive the level 100 reward before the maintenance.

▷ Target (June 28): Mercenaries who have made a purchase after reaching Battle Pass level 100 but did not receive a reward.
▷ Reward: V-BETA (Battle Pass level 100 reward)
▷ Sent item can be checked through the in-game Main screen > Top right > Mailbox > System Mail.

4. Rank reset issue
- Experience points that have not been acquired due to the rank reset process from June 28, 12am ~ until the maintenance will be given as additional experience points in the new season.

▷ Target: All mercenaries
▷ Reward: Level EXP 100% (3D)
▷ Reward can be received through the in-game Main screen > Top right > Mailbox > System Mail (Mail name: CS Rewards)

We promise to do our best to make the game even more enjoyable for our mercenaries, and we will constantly strive to provide the best gaming environment.

Thank you.