Updates & Patches


5/26 Client Patch Notice

We would like to guide you as on May 26, 05:30(GMT+0), a Client Patch will be proceeded to fix some occurred issues.

Please be noted that on access to the game after the update, the patch will be reflected. If you are logged in, kindly restart the game and install the update for the patch contents to be reflected in the game.

■ Patch details
1. Fixed the problem that the language does not change when selecting Chinese>Traditional (Hong Kong)
2. Fixed the phenomenon that voice chat volume is set to 0
3. Fixed the problem that the gas mask model is not displayed on the face when the driver wears the gas mask
4. Corrected the phenomenon of falling into a landing position when dying while using a Blood Zone parachute.

Additionally, we found out that the voice chat function has not been working normally when using the 'Kaspersky' antivirus program.
To prevent this issue from continuing, we have forwarded it to the ‘Kaspersky’ antivirus company for improvements.

Thank you.