Updates & Patches


January 17 Patch Notes_v1

Greetings! Mercenaries!

We would like to share the news of the January update, which marks the beginning of 2023.

We hope our mercenaries grace the battlefield with CROWZ this year as well and let's check out the details of the January 17 update down below!

■ Update Schedule

Schedule : January 17 (Tue)

※ Please note that the update schedule is subject to change depending on internal issues, and the maintenance time will be announced the day before.
※ Game access will be restricted during the maintenance.
※ The update-related details may be partially fixed or changed while in the progress of applying the patch.


■ January 17 Patch Notes


▶ Content-related changes

- Changed the name of the gun
> The name of the gun SCAR-L will be changed to SKAR-L.

▶ Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue where the remaining time of the buff is displayed incorrectly when using specific EXP items.

2. Fixed an issue where the color of the Battle Pass item, Half Mask (Green) was displayed abnormally.

3. Fixed an error where notifications for acquiring items were continuously displayed when logging in again after receiving an item from the mailbox.

4. Fixed an issue where Twitch Drops rewards on November 11 that was not obtained normally.
※ Unobtained rewards will be sent via mail after the maintenance on January 17.

5. Fixed an issue where the meteor fall effect was not displayed in the Squad Operation mode.

Please check the maintenance schedule in advance to avoid any inconvenience in using the game, and we sincerely appreciate our mercenaries' continuous support and love.

Thank you.