Application for Partners





YouTube URL


Twitch URL


  • Base Requirements

  • Being a content creator who is 18 years of age or older
          who owns a channel
  • Agreement to marketing use of creator content
  • Having the dedication to creating a positive CROWZ community
  • Partner Requirements

  • Over 1,000 followers
  • Over 20 live viewers on a monthly average basis
  • Over 1,000 average views on recent videos
  • CROWZ video creation experience
          (2 or more VODs, 6 or more hours of streams)
  • Lead Partner Requirements

  • Over 10,000 followers
  • Over 100 live viewers on a monthly average basis
  • Partner Benefits

  • Paid CROWZ currency
  • Partner-exclusive items
  • Opportunities for partner-exclusive Twitch drops
  • Also, various other perks currently in the works
  • Activity Requirements

  • Over 10 hours of CROWZ content streamed per month
  • Over 2 CROWZ VODs created per month
  • Restriction Policy

  • If you are found to be meeting any of the conditions below, your status as a partner will be forfeit and your partner perks withdrawn.
  • Absence of CROWZ content creation for over 1 month without prior arrangements or special circumstances
  • Conducting in offensive behavior or opinion that is unbefitting of the role of a partner (conduct that may provoke national, racial, sexual, religious, etc. issues)
  • Terms of service violation of your personal CROWZ account